“KITA” KITS BUSINESS FESTIVAL 2012 Philippine Trade Training Center October 13-14, 2012

from DTI website

FREE Business Management and Demo-Skills Sessions
October 13, Saturday
October 14, Sunday
Buendia corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Lobby, Business Kit Providers

8:30-5:00, Room I, Paper Product Adaptation
8:30-10:30, Room C, How to be an Entrepreneur
11:00-12:00, Room C, Integrated Business Licensing
1:00-3:00, Room C, Negotiation Skills
3:30-5:00, Room C, Managing Your Finances
8:30-12:00, Hall A Front, Empanada and Pizza Rolls
1:00-5:00, Hall A Front, Glass Etching
8:30-12:00, Hall A Back, Holiday Goodies I
1:00-5:00, Hall A Back, Native Kakanin(Pichi-pichi, Puto Pandan and Puto Pao)
8:30-12:00, Hall B Front, Pasta Dishes
1:00-5:00, Hall B Front, Fruits and Vegetables Preservation
8:30-12:00, Hall B Back, Chocolate Molding
1:00-5:00, Hall B Back, Gift Wrapping
8:30-12:00, Hall C Front, Cleaning Aids
1:00-5:00, Hall C Front, Decorative Beaded Centerpiece
8:30-12:00, Hall C Back, Hair Dressing and Beauty Care
1:00-5:00, Hall C Back, T-Shirt Printing/Silk Screening
8:30-12:00, Inner Garden, Flip-Flops & Sandals Accessorizing
1:00-5:00, Inner Garden, Hand Care Products
9:00-5:00, Lobby, Business Kit Providers
8:30-10:30, Room C, Business Opportunities on Organic Product
11:00-12:00, Room C, Growing Your Business On-Line
1:00-3:00, Room C, Franchising as Business Alternative
3:30-5:00, Room C, Business Taxation for SMEs
8:30-5:00, Room G, Basic Hilot
8:30-5:00, Hall A Front, Basic Photography
8:30-12:00, Hall A Back, Basic Photoshop
1:00-5:00, Hall A Back, Brownies Galore
8:30-12:00, Hall B Front, Cologne and Perfume Making
1:00-5:00, Hall B Front, Laundry Aids
8:30-12:00, Hall B Back, Basic Cellphone Repair
1:00-5:00, Hall B Back, Functional Beadworks and Men’s Accessorizing
8:30-12:00, Hall C Front, Polvoron and Pastillas Making
1:00-5:00, Hall C Front, Catering Services
8:30-12:00, Hall C Back, Meat Processing (Tocino, longganiza, Ham)
1:00-5:00, Hall C Back, Meat Processing (Commercial Hamburger, Siomai, Quekiam)

For inquiries, you may call DTI-BMSMED at the following numbers:
897.1693; 751.5076; 751.5057; 751.5059; 751.5061; 751.3389; 751.2510; 751.5096

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