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Skills Enhancement Training to standardize OWWA-PDOS training, language instruction

Standardized implementation of Culture Familiarization and Language Training for Household Service Workers (HSWs) underway

Forty-three participants consisting of language instructors and trainers of Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) underwent a three-day Skills Enhancement Training on communication teaching to further hone their presentation skills in language instruction and culture familiarization for the benefit of Household Service Workers (HSWs). The intensive live-in workshop was held on October 5 to 7, 2012 in Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay City.

The timeliness in conducting said workshop stemmed from two factors: OWWA’s  “takeover” as the official and only authorized entity to handle PDOS among HSWs per instruction by  DOLE Secretary Rosalinda D. Baldoz; and, the agency’s on-going ISO application for CPDEP which calls for the calibration of Culture Familiarization, Stress Management and Language Training in all of OWWA’s regional offices.


Language Instruction

Language instruction, culture familiarization and stress management are incorporated in OWWA’s Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program  (CPDEP) to acquaint the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) on life overseas and prepare him for any eventualities.

Simple words integrally used in every day conversation such as alphabets and numbers, basic food items, parts of the house, cleaning materials, common sensations (in care-giving), basic directions and/or expressions are taught to help HSWs interact responsively with their foreign employers in performing their jobs. It will also aid them in comprehending the thoughts of other people when they go outside the employer’s house and transact in markets, malls, police, embassies, and the like.

Mandatory trainings are given on basic Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese and English, as most HSWs are deployed to Middle East and Chinese-speaking countries, while a recognizable number is sent to Italy. English, being universally spoken,  is always the security language of OFWs. Training sessions range from three to six days and are held at the OWWA Center in Pasay City, BFO DevCen in Intramuros, Manila and BDO premises in T. M. Kalaw, Manila.

The most important output of the workshop, the drafting of compendium of lesson plan to be used beginning November 2012 is currently being finalized. CPDEP was chosen among OWWA’s programs to pursue ISO certification due to the critical need for uniformity in passing on the necessary knowledge in communication as this will greatly affect the HSWs in their countries of destination. Misinformation and lack of basic knowledge make HSWs vulnerable to abuses, bringing adverse results that call for intervention among Philippine top officials.


The DOLE decision for OWWA’s mandatory conduct of PDOS to HSWs is geared to prevent cases of culture shock, maltreatment, rape, and other severe untoward incidents gathered by welfare officers abroad. With OWWA at the helm, proper information  will prevent these types of welfare cases. Prior to the takeover, PDOS is also carried out by recognized PDOS Service Providers in the private sector.


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